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The original title: oil prices are not concerned about what kind of fuel-efficient technology is the most reliable? According to the new network July 21 news, since early July, by the global crude oil supply worries increased the impact of international crude oil prices fell shocks. As of last Friday, WTI futures closed at $ 51.41 / barrel, refresh since April 10 nearly three months since the new low, while the domestic refined oil market is also expected to usher in the first time during the year , 'three down.' Oil prices down on the owner is naturally good, but in addition, the owners have other ways to save fuel? To this end, many people in the car will choose some fuel-efficient fuel-efficient electronic configuration. So what exactly are these electronic configurations really fuel efficient? How can we play a real role in improving the fuel economy? A hybrid system fuel-efficient level: ★ ★ ★ ★ In general, as long as the use of two power source technology, are hybrid, now generally refers to the mechanical drive and electric drive. There are other like fuel cells, solar cells, etc., do not say here, because it is not universal. Commonly speaking, the hybrid can be divided into weak hybrid MILD HYBRID (also known as mild hybrid, soft hybrid, micro hybrid, etc.), moderate hybrid, heavy hybrid FULL HYBRID (also known as full hybrid, strong Hybrid, etc.) and plug-in hybrid PLUG IN HYBRID. You can also understand that the greater the degree of mixing, the more fuel-efficient. Taking Toyota's hybrid system as an example, the motor and the motor are driven separately by the motor and the motor in the general driving state at low speed start-up. When the engine and the motor are fully accelerated, they enter the full- Deceleration of the engine will stop working, the energy generated by the brake will be converted into electrical energy. And now the state encourages the plug-in hybrid because of the use of external power supply, so the cost is more economical, but the popularity of the pile and more limited. Comments: hybrid system is undoubtedly very provincial, to see what degree you need the type of car. It is necessary for you according to the budget and daily use to be a math problem. In general, the more strong mix, the more expensive the price. B engine start and stop fuel-efficient level: ★ ★ ★ engine start and stop technology in the past few years has begun to spread, even if more than ten million models have begun to equip this technology. This technology in different manufacturers will have different names, but the same principle, that is, when the vehicle stops, automatically shut down the engine, in order to achieve the purpose of saving oil. The technology to solve is usually like a red light, traffic jam, the engine for a long time due to idle fuel waste of the problem. In general, some engine start and stop technology as long as a release brake, the engine will start. But some manufacturers for safety sake, it may be designed to step on the throttle will open the engine. At the same time, this technology is the problem, each start and stop will hear a burst of engine start the sound, and there will be a sense of delay, compare the driving pleasure. In addition, there will be some maintenance costs, and now there are many engines start and stop the special lubricants. Comments: see the principle to know that this start and stop technology is indeed able to save fuel, but with the number of start and stop with the time is proportional to the more dangerous traffic, the longer the park, the more fuel-efficient. On the contrary, if it is in the smooth high-speed road, the effect is very general. C brake energy recovery fuel-saving level: ★ When the driver releases the accelerator pedal or brake, the vehicle deceleration, the energy recovery system will be the excess energy recovery, in the generator control unit regulation and control, the generator voltage Rise, the battery system to charge, the excess energy in the form of energy recovery storage. The system also controls the reduction of the generator voltage when the vehicle is accelerating or running at a uniform speed, or even completely shutting down the generator to reduce the engine load, thereby improving fuel economy. Is not it a bit complicated? Plainly, that is when you brake brake, then there is a system dedicated to the excess energy recovered to the battery. This way, save the electricity, that is, save the oil. On the other hand, the system is also capable of controlling the vehicle to accelerate or even turn off the generator completely when the vehicle is accelerating or running at a uniform speed to reduce the engine load and thereby improve fuel economy. Comments: power is also the engine of the mechanical energy from the conversion, can save a little bit. D turbocharged fuel-efficient level: ★ There are many people think that turbo can be fuel-efficient. In fact, this argument is in need of certain conditions to set up. For example, a 1.4T turbocharged engine, the power level may be 1.8L naturally aspirated engine fuel consumption level, if the same power to say, it is clear 1.4T engine more fuel-efficient. But if a 1.4T turbocharged engine and a 1.4T naturally aspirated engine compared to the fuel consumption level may not be comparable. Strictly speaking, the power of turbocharged technology is only to enhance the power, but not fuel. But in people need more power but want a lower fuel consumption, you can consider the choice of turbocharged technology. E ECON mode fuel-efficient level: ★ ★ now there are many models will have ECON mode, green round a button, that is, the so-called economic model. As the name suggests, its function is dedicated to fuel-efficient. But many owners do not understand, is not a press this button to start what function, immediately on the fuel-efficient? First of all, to understand the principle of the model. In the case of this mode, the ECU, the engine and the transmission are fully intelligent in accordance with the minimum fuel consumption mode, and the air conditioner is also in the energy saving state, By reducing the fan running voltage, intelligent adjustment of refrigeration conditions, so that air conditioning into the energy-saving mode. For example, maybe usually when you drive to speed up, accustomed to the big step on the throttle to accelerate, and the model will try to avoid, or as soon as possible up the way to save fuel. ECON mode is a bit like the back of the S block, the former requires a gentle, reduce fuel consumption; the latter will be more radical, but increase fuel consumption. Comments: ECON function is not a panacea, but it can be a certain amount to reduce fuel consumption, but will not be obvious, unless you accurately compare the calculation. If you usually do not want to sacrifice driving pleasure, it is recommended that you can only drive in the urban area. (Guo Yao)

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