Night driving mainly refers to the evening after the first day of dawn.. from fanghua's blog

Night driving mainly refers to the evening after the first day of dawn, the driver driving the vehicle on the road driving process. Because of the different driving characteristics of the vehicle, each has a different driving characteristics, but the night driving or need to be treated with caution, master the necessary driving skills to help improve the safety of driving. How to determine the road traffic situation When the vehicle speed slows down and the engine sound becomes dull, indicating that the driving resistance has increased, the car is uphill or into the soft road; otherwise that the driving resistance is reduced or the car in the downhill. When the lights leave the road, you should pay attention to the front may appear sharp bends or pit, or the uphill car on the top of the hill. The ground color can reflect the road conditions, in general, white is the water, black is potholes, the normal road mostly gray. Usually go ash does not go white, black case slow down. Accurate judgment of traffic between traffic When the lights suddenly appear at the intersection, there is a car coming. The current rear lights from the dark Ming, from high to low, the general indicates that the distance in the car with the shortening. When you can see the front of the car license plate number, usually indicates that the car is too close, must be away from the distance. The use of night driving lights before the start, you should first turn on the lights, see the road, the vehicle stopped after the lights closed. In the street and the road on the road, driving at speeds of 30km / h or less, you can use the low beam or small lights; in the streets and roads without lights, driving speed of 30km / h or more, should use the high beam The City driving on the road at night driving the driver to be particularly focused, concentrate, can not have the slightest slack and sloppy. As the car speed fast, the driver must strictly control the speed, according to traffic signals along the traffic flow naturally, not free overtaking or lane. Pay attention to pedestrians and bicycles across the road. In the busy section of urban traffic, pedestrians or bicycles often cross from the fleet gap, the driver to the surrounding pedestrian and vehicle dynamics to make the correct judgments. Because the night line of sight is bad, so, always pay attention to the front of the vehicle, keep the car away, so as not to emergency braking before the car. No emergency general do not emergency braking, to prevent rear-end rear-end.

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